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Elphinstone Kist   Stories for Bairns

    by: Wheeler, Les

The fishie’s van wid come in aboot tae the term eence every twa
wiks an the ferm-wife wid buy some haddies as a wee treat for the
fermer an gie him a change fae brose or porridge. The wife bocht
fish an Fishie Donald wid buy some eggs fae the ferm-wife. If Fishie hid plenty o time he wid bide for a cuppie o tea.

The van arrived ae day fan Brockit wis takkin his ease aneth the gairden hedge. As the ferm-wife wis getting her haddies an twa-three herrin a wee bittie o fish fell aff the van coonter an wis jist left lyin.

Brockit hid niver tastit fish, but he wis niver slow at stickin his wee neb intae things an he hid seen his mither eat some. Fan the wife an Fishie Donald wint intae the hoose for a fly-cup Brockit wint tae hae a closer look at the bit o fish.

He poked the fish wi his paa. It bade still. That seemed aa richt. He stuck his wee neb near it an gaed a sniff. It smellt fine. He grippit the bit o fish wi his wee sherp teeth an draggit it under the van far he’d nae be seen.

He took a wee nibble. Swallaed it. My, this wis fine! Brocket wis enjoyin his fish an jist thinkin foo lucky he wis fan a great muckle roar got up an Brockit froze wi fricht tae the spot. Fit kine o a beast made a noise like thon?

It wis the engine o Fishie‘s van. He’d hin his tea an wis ready tae set aff. Fishie waved tae the ferm-wife an the van set aff. The drum-drum-clunkity-clunk-drum o the engine happit the skreich fae Brockit. The van jist nippit the end o the wee kitlin’s tail. Oh, it wis sair! But nae for lang. lt left Brockit wi a wee flat bittie at the end o his tail that he his till this day. But Brockit hid learned a gweed lesson. He kent noo tae bide wee! awa fae cars, vans an ony ither vehicles an nae tae play (or eat fish!) roon aboot them.

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