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Elphinstone Kist   Stories for Bairns

Brockit an the Muckle Coo     by: Wheeler, Les

As you ken fine, Bnockit likit tae play wee games an there wir times fan he wid copy fit he hid seen his mither deein an mak-on that he wis oot huntin. Of coorse, he niver caught onythin an even if he hid caught somethin he widna hae kent fit tae dee wi it onywye.

Weel noo, thir wis this day that Brockit thocht he wid hae a wee bit hunt tae himsel, so he set aff, takkin the road doon fae the fermhoose that led tae a grand field for a kitlin tae hae a bit hunt in. The girss maybe didna seem verra lang tae the kye an the horse or even the yowes, but tae a wee kitlin the girss an the weeds an the wild flooers in the park wir like the verra jungle.

Brockit reached the park an began tae jink fae ahin ae tummock an syne anither. He creepit alang on his wame an surprised himsel loupin oot at nithin ava. He skippit atwween the legs o the kye for he wis eesed tae them an them tae him. He hid seen them aa in the byre at milkin time fan aa the cats an the twa ferm dogs waitit for a wee treat o fresh milk fae the coo!

Brockit wis haein a grand time fan aa o a sudden he bumpit, clout, richt intae the neb o a coo he didna seem tae ken. Michty, it wis a MUCKLE, BIG COO, wi MUCKLE BIG HORNS an a MUCKLE BIG RING in its neb.

“Miaooooow!“ cried Brockit. The muckle coo gave a muckle

Peer Brockit wis nearly coupit ower by the win o it. The muckle coo stood up. He wis affa BIG!!! He glowert at Brockit an Brockit thocht he hid better get oot o the wye as quick as he could. He scampert awa jist as fast as his wee legs wid tak him!

Seen efter that Brockit wis tae learn fae his mither that the muckle coo wis Hamish the fermtoon bull and he wis the maister o the byre.

Coos micht be fine easy-gyan beasts, but it wisna a gweed idea tae annoy a ferm bull. Brockit wis gie careful efter that fan he cam across Hamish an wis aye affa polite tae him.

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