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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Fit Tae Dae This Summer's Day:     by: Hasler, Alison

Fit am I tae dae the day
I really dinna ken
I'll tak ma dug oot fur a wak
But fit'll I dae then?

I could ging fur a hurl on ma bike
Aroun Lumphanan square
I could ging tae the park
But fit'll I dae there?

I could swing on the swings
Or ging roon on the roond aboot
Ging on the fort
Or hae a slidey doon the shoot

I could ask a freend tae come roon
Or ging sweemin fur the day
I could bide at hame
And bide there tae play

I bide in Lumphanan
Nothin much tae dae
If you were me
Far wid you ging and play?

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