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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Setterdays     by: Notman, Laura

"Laura! Its time you got oot o yer bed!"
That's my mither's wye o lettin me ken it's time tae shakk my feathers an get oot o my kip. Oh weel, I suppose even on a Setterday ye hiv tae get up sometime. An onywye this efterneen we're aa tae get yokit for Aiberdeen an the shops.

Fin we got tae the shops we hid a fair chave afore we got the car parkit, bit we managed in the hinner en. Claire hid a dose o the caul sae her nose wis dreepin an she wis girnin at haein tae trail roon the shops. It wis a new pair o sheen for me we wir lookin for, sae that didna ging doon weel wi her either.

The first shop we gid intil the wifie wis a bittie crabbit lookin an fin we didna get a pair tae fit the look on her face wid hae soored milk. It started tae poor doon rain fin we gid oot, bit we hid better luck at the next shop.

The second pair I tried on wir fine and fitted like a mitten, sae we aa decided on a fly cup. Claire thocht this wid be a gran idea. We aa sat doon tae tea an there wis a braw spread, scones, bannocks, a jar o hame made jam an a lot o fancy things as weel.

I settled for a flee cemetary, mither hid a bannock an Claire hid them baith.

Since it wis sic a coorse day we set aff for hame in gweed time an got there in time for supper. My favourite! Tatties, mince an skirlie!
Efter that it wis the t.v. fur a time then back tae bed wi a bookie, lookin forrit till anither day aff the morn.

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