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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

A Lifetime     by: Mackie, Dr Lewis

Fan we did walk alang the Braes,
Were we sae young thae simmer days,
A sleekit touch frae hans that trembled
A herbeat raised, a look dissembled
Wis it yesterday?

Fan you did first pit on the ring,
I min’ your look made my hert sing.
I vowed my love wid niver falter
Though een micht dim an age micht alter
Wis it yesterday?

An then ye bless’d me wi oor lad,
Hamewith thochts near drove me mad,
For I wis a thoosan miles awa
An I yearned for you an hame an aa
Wis it yesterday?

An then ma workin day wis deen
Bit still despite the ills we’d seen
Through life’s upsets an tears an anger
Atween we twa oor love wis stronger
Fan wis yesterday?

Bit cam the end and left bereft
I wove my sorrow intae the weft
O life’s set pattern, unforeseen
I niver thocht I’d be aleen
Oh, for yesterday.

Yet still I feel your dear presence
My ain sweet lass, it’s you I sense
Close tae ma hert, held in ma mind
Livin in me. Memory be kind
Bless oor yesterdays.

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