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Elphinstone Kist   History, Doric Verse

    by: Mackie, Dr Lewis

Ae wild an dirty mornin, the “New Fair Wind” set sail,
Wi’ five braw men an’ a lad aboard in the midst o’ a simmer gale.
Norard they sailed on restless seas for norard the harvest lay,
Weel past the Scars o’ Cruden an past the blue toon bay.

They shot their nets that dirty day a half mile stretch or mair
Bit the wind an’ swall were growin an’ it widna have been fair
Tae cut an rin for shelter wi a’ this poverty
Sae they jist held on an’ tried tae haul through win’ an’ tide that day.

The nets were stiff an’ heavy an’ driftin far ahin,
An’ the young lad wis in trouble steerin’ the “New Fair Wind”
Ae yoal saw them strugglin their loaded nets tae haul
Bit they themsels were fechtin against the growin swall.

Fan next they lookit roon aboot there wis naething there tae see,
An’ the howlin win’ whipped up the seas as they ran tae find a lee.
There wis nae sign o’ the “New Fair Wind” for the sea hid claimed its ain,
Nae mair wis seen o’ that happy crew o’ a laddie an’ five braw men

Sae fair ye weel ye “New Fair Wind”, nae mair ye’ll seek the shoals,
An’ dry your tears you fisherquines, an’ pray for six lost souls!

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