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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

The Flichtie Deem     by: Mackie, Dr Lewis

Oh Lassie fan I think o’ you,
Ma heart is sair though love wis true
I kent ma plea I’d learn tae rue,
Ye gallus quine
Ye turned me doon as ye’ve din a few,
I kent the sign.

Oh hae the sense tae stop this ploy
An’ realise it brings nae joy
Ye use a body ilke a toy,
Then him discard
Ye care’na fit lass ye annoy,
An’ tak their lad.

Mony hiv worshipped at your shrine
An’ I tried hard tae mak ye mine
Bit ye made sure your heart I’d tine
Wi’ a’ your teasin
An’ I rejected suitors jined
Wi’ damned gweed reason.

Bit wait ye sonsy little cratur
Jist watch your contermacious natur
A man will look for something better
Than roamin een
Nae man will wish that he be fettered
Tae some flichtie deem.

Sac gang your wye ye coorse wee witch
I’ll turn ma thochts fae love an’ such
An try an find a tocher rich
An a kindly lass,
Instead a’ thinkin o that young bitch,
Let passion pass!

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