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Elphinstone Kist   Family and Home

A Dream     by: Mackie, Dr. Lewis

(with apologies to "Footsteps)

Ae winter's nicht I hid a dream, I walked along the sand.
The Lord wis there aside me. He hid by the han'
My life wis set in front o' me, along the beach each scene.
Twa sets o' fitprints on the shore.My ain an the Lord's my freen.

I lookit back on my life's path, an' far the hurt wis sair,
Ae set o' fitprints showed themsels, the ither wisna there.
This bothered me an' I asked the Lord fit wye he left me then?
Fan I wis at my lowest. I sairly needed Him.

"You silly lad" he said tae me,"Fit ye've said is true,
Bit that's my fitsteps that ye see. That's fan I cairried you."

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