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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Fate (The new Fair Wind)     by: Mackie, Dr. Lewis

I heard the turnin’ o’ the tide on the shingle on the shore.
I could tell the flood wis startin by the sullen water’s roar
An’ I rose withoot a biddin an heisted on ma clyes,
An’ wandered tae oor gable en’ tae watch the waters rise.

The yoal wis movin’ daintily upon the risin’ tide
Bobbin’gently at her berth pushin the waves aside.
Oh, man, she wis a bonny yoal wi’ stern an’ stem the same
A Fifie o’ the east coast, the “New Fair Wind” her name.

The seven o’ us went wi’ oor nets doon tae the boatie shore
An’ boarded her an loaded her an’ took across the oars.
The masts were steppit up an’ tied,an’ the sails were set aside
For a fast rin north past the Blue Toon far the silver darlins bide.

I lifted up the bowstanes bit een o’ them fell oot
Landin on ma twisted fit cuttin through ma boot.
“Nae work for you the day ma lad” the skipper shook his heid.
“We’ll work awa’ wi’ ae man short, six is a’ we need.”

They sailed awa that simmer’s day wi’ a blusterin’ win ahin,
An’ that wis the last we saw, o’ the bonny “New Fair Wind”,
For she foonert that day in the Blue Toon bay an’ a the hans wint doon,
An’ I’m left here tae tell the tale o’ a clumsy club-fitted loon.

Sometimes I feel a guilt on me that I didna sail that day,
Bit sometimes I bless the bowstane that gave life another say.
Sae I haud my weesht an’ thank the Lord he gave me anither chance,
An’ I left the sea for souterin, nae tae tempt fate mair than aince’

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