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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Yisterday     by: Mackie, Dr. Lewis

Far dae ye look for yisterday fan the days are lang an’ drear?
Far dae ye look for yisterday fan age brings on a tear’?
Jist fix the ee on yisterday, bit only in the mind,
An’ Oh it is sae precious fan memory is kind
We think oorsels as bairns again an’ let the mind flee free.
O’er moor an’ shore an’ Sandy Braes as clear as clear can be.
Doon aroon’ the Loupin stane an’ on the boatie shore
Up an doon the Shally Brae an’ past the shoppy door.
Rinnin roon tae Cransdale tac cast a seven heuk line,
Or trauchlin ower the North Braes wi’ wand an’ hanks o’ twine.
Castin oot ower Avril Pint for mackerel or mair,
Or chauvin hame wi’ sodden spreath, tie on tae shooders sair.
By the bog an’ roon the Ness tae Perthudden’s water pump.
An’ up the brae tae the Sandy Loch tae watch the puddocks jump.
Oh sweetly, sweetly are the thochts an happily they bide
Oot an’ in o’ memory like the ebb an’ flow o’ tide.
Sae keep your thochts o’ yisterday for fan the nichts drag on,
An’ savour them maist preciously till memory is gone.

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