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Elphinstone Kist   Place

Collieston (2)     by: Mackie, Dr. Lewis

I’ve wandered through the Larig Gru and intil dark Glencoe,
I’ve sailed amidst the Summer Isles an’ bonny Scapa Flow,
I’ve traiveled a’ ower Shetland an’ the Hebridean Isles.
Bit it’s aye the thocht o’ my ain wee loon that brings the dreamy smiles.

I’ve seen the sichts o’ Israel an’ Lebanon’s cedars tall,
I’ve dawdled in Jerusalem an’ stood at the Wailin Wall
The Greek Isles haunt ma memory, bit a’ o’ these are gone
Fan I get a sicht o’ Collieston in the low reid mornin’ sun.

So blessins on this wee place, I’ll cast ma anchor here
An’ this will be ma haven wi a’ that I haud dear.

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