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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home

On Finding a Wall Clock Broken on The Floor     by: Mackie, Dr. Lewis

Fa knocked the clock aff the wa'?
It wisna me Mam, - for I didna dee it ,
Dinna believe John cos he didna see it
It micht hae been Meg. She's hich-eneuch for it
Or it could hae been Sandy for he's that ill-trickit.
Bit it wisna me Mam!

If you didna see the clock fa' fae the wa'
Fit wye blame your brithers or sister at-a'
I hiv teen accoont o' the damage that's deen
So jist clear yoursel an aye blame onyeen.
Bit it wisna me Mam!

Noo Mam ye ken fine fan onything's wrang
You an Dad are aye blamin me afore lang
An ' mi brithers an sister, they blame me as weel
It happens at hame an the same at the squeel.
Its niver me Mam!

I ken am a deevilock bit Meg is as bad,
I eence heard ye say that we got it fae Dad
Bit Granny let slip that you were the same,
Aye, it's jist in the faimly, so fa should ye blame?
It's nae us Mam!

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