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Elphinstone Kist   Maakers, Education, History

Ave Atque Vale     by: Morrice, Ken

Ave Atque Vale(1)

Grumphy and pernickity wis Beezer Broon
Oor Form Maister. For three lang eers
He sought tae ding Latin
Intae oor wanwordy lugs.

My pal McNab wis nae muckle eese
At the leid. Ae day he heided his hamewirk
'Latin Exercise'. Beezer grumphed
And jist stroked oot the 'Latin.'

Syne McNab decided tae tak up widwirk.

Fan at last we quat Beezer's Form,
I wis tasked wi gaitherin siller
For a Class present as 'a token
Of our esteem and gratitude'.

I delegated McNab fa bocht, at lang
Last, a cassette o Cornkisters.
Cam the occasion, he gied ower the kistie
And nae blate cried oot 'Ave Beezer,
Te salutamus(2). Or, in my ain leid,
We're aa awa tae bide awa!'

(1) Hail! and farewell!
(2) Hail! Beezer, we salute you!

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