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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns, Art

Brither an Sister     by: Maclaren, Kymberly

Source: Brother an Sister- Joan Eardley

A loon an a lassie
Haudin hauns,
Reivin tae survive,
Bidin in the gutter,
Minkit faces,
Bullied aawye.

Ither bairns takkin
Fit they need tae survive.

They’ve a sad life,
Reivin fae shops,
Bein shoved in the dirt,
Haein nae friens.

Niver winted tae be puir.
Aa they winted
Wis tae be happy.
Nae ma or da,
Aa they dae is reive fae shops,
Sleep on the grun,
Happit wi spiders an beasties,
Jist hae tae sleep on steen.

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