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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

The Shoppie     by: Stewart, Lauren

See at shoppie ower 'er?
Graffiti on the waa?
Loons in quines, on the booze
I get feart tae gae in at aa.
Sweirin, shoutin, faain aboot
I wish the polis wid takk em awa.

See at shoppie ower 'er?
Jayne 'n Maz snogged in the corner
It sez so in bright blue
The smell o beer makks me puke
Fag packets on the grun
A smokey stench, an aa 'at gum
The waas are sticky wi it aa.

See at shoppie ower 'er?
The cooncil closed it doon
They said it wis jist a midden.
Too right an aa. Thank God the shoppie's gone
Nae mair booze 'n nae mair puke
Peace 'n quaet in ma bed
Guid nicht tae ye aa.'

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