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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Fit Can I Buy?     by: Anderson, Carly

I didna ken fit tae buy
Aathin seemed tae catch ma eye
Aa the quines, loons an aa,
Some wi their mas, some wi their das
They looked aroon, they hid nae worries
Waukin intae ye withoot ony 'sorries'
The wee kids were screamin fur sweets in i bugs
Their mas sayin 'Shut up or I'll clout yer lugs'
My money wis burnin a hole in a ma pocket
I saw a bonnie top...I could hae bocht it
Then I thocht I should save up ma money
Bit I didna think that wid happen in a hurry
So I looked aroon fur oors on end
Lookin fur the latest trend
Bit I couldna find onythin tae fit
Sae I decided tae find somewye tae sit
Fan I got up tae go again
Naebody wis aroon...nae weemin, nae men
The shops wir closed, ma hauns wir empty
I wis surprised...I usually gae hame wi plenty
I hid tae leave tae get tae the bus stop
Which I forgot wis ootside a wee sweet shop
The shop wis open till six pm
So I wint in a bocht a bug o M & M's
In the end I went hame wi somethin efter aa
But next time I'll makk sure I hae mair bugs bi far!

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