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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns, Art

The Goose Girl (1)     by: Kerry

She is takkin the geese back tae the pond
They're sae slow she'll hae tae use a stick.
Her feet are achin, her hauns are sair.
You feel geese! Ye'll makk her late fur skweel!
It's jist gaen 9 o'clock, she's definitely gaun tae be late.
You feel geese you've got her intae trouble!

The sun wis burnin, the sky wis blue.
Ever sae thirsty,
Ever sae hett.
Maun keep gaun, maun get tae the pond.

Daisy! Stop wannerin awa!
Peter! Stop powkin Toodles!
Doodles! Yer staunin on ma taes!
Oh, I'd gie onything fur a drink.
Hurry up ye feel geese!
Ye've already made me late.
OK, I ken yer tired,
Bit sae am I.
If ye hurry up we'll get there an ye'll hae a rest.
Quackers, wid ye hurry up
Or there'll be nae bried fur ye!
My ma will gie me a clip on the lug.
Oh, deary me, look at the time!
It's half past ten.
Ye feel geese! I'm gaun tae get the belt!

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