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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

The Three Tinkers     by: Stewart, Andrea

It was a Tuesday efterneen
When I first saw the caravan
In it were three tinkers,
Twa quinies an a man.

The caravan wis beautiful
Yalla, greens an reeds
The weemins' claes were dazzlin
Wi patters on their heids

The three war strang, they stood their grun
''We're fae Scotland,'' they telt me
Wi their strang prood accents.
I couldna but agree.

They spoke o aa thing they had seen
Bonnie heather an hills o green
Bit afore I could say a thing
They war on their way again.

They all left, the cheeky things
Before we'd even met!
The three tinkers an their caravan
Faded intae the sunset

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