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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Holiday Time     by: Cheyne, Leanne

We're aa in a rush
Ma ma's in a flush
We're aa fleein aboot
An ma brither's tellin me tae skoot!

We're aff tae Brighton the morn
For a week or twa in the sun
Ice cream, donkeys, sea an sand
We may even see the Brighton band!

In the car, awa we go
First stop Edinburgh!
Weel, I hope so! -
Ma throat is dry
An I'm fed up wi 'I spy'

At last we're there
Wioot a worry or a care .
I winner fit we'll be deein the morn?
Maybe we'll ging tae the fair?

Or maybe the park.
We'll hae a lark
Or the beach?
I jist dinna ken!

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