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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Psaulm Twa: Metrical Version (CM)     by: Gardner, Dr Bruce K.

1.Fit wey dae foreign fowk aye rage,
An fash ilk’ alien horde?

2. Kings tak thair stand; hie-heid-yins plot
‘gainst God an His sained Lord:

3. “We’ll rax aff aa thair slave-lyke bands
And fling thair cords awa!”

4. He fa in Hivven sits jist lauchs
An maks feels o thaim aa.

5. But then He spicks tae thaim in wrath
And fashes them in rage:

6. “On Zion’s haly hill, I’ll forge
Ma king, for aa this age.”

7. I sall declare fit’s set in steen,
The Lord has said tae me;
“Ye are ma Son; this very day,
I hae begotten ye”.

8. “Ask me: that gadgies I sall gie -
As heritage thay’ll faa;
The furthest airts ye sall possess
Tae ye I’ll gie thaim aa.

9. Wi wand o iron ye sall wreck
The hale jing-bang o thaim;
Like potter at the wheel ye’ll smash
Tae bits - tae mak again!

10. And noo, behave yersels, ye kings!
Tak, judges, wyse rebuke;

11. Dae service tae the Lord in dreid,
Wi tremmlan, joyfu luik.

12. Embrace the Prince, lest He get wroth –
Destroy ye in the wey;
His furie kinnles in a flash:
Bliss’t aa that on Him stey!

© 2008 Translated from the Hebrew into Doric Lowland Scots and versified by Bruce Gardner.

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