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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Psaulm Ane: Metrical Version (CM)     by: Gardner, Dr Bruce K.

1. O fortunat’s the man fa’ll nae
In skellum’s counsell walk,
Nor staund in sinners’ wey, nor bide
Faur fowk luif scornfu talk.

2. But wi the Law o God, His Lord,
He’ll fynd maist precious gle:
An ilka day and ilka nicht,
His Law he’ll warsle wi.

3. As ane transplantit by a burn,
He sall be lyke a tree
Fas fruit’s on tyme; fas leaf ne’r faas:
His ploys sall bear the gree.

4. The skellums surely arena sae
But, skailt lyke caff in hairst,
Thay’re fletherit by God’s ain braith
An blawn tae aa the airts.

5. For this, nae skellums e’er sall rise
Tae deem, wi heids held hie,
Nor sinners tak a wycelike place
In lawfu’ companie.

6. Fur God kens weel the leal fowk
Fa follow His richt wey;
The gait the skellums gang sall God
Maist utterlie destroy.

© 2008 Translated from the Hebrew into Doric Lowland Scots and versified by Bruce Gardner.

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