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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Wee Reed Ridin Hood     by: Jessiman, Ryan & Spracklers, Alex

Aince upon a time there wis a muckle wolf fa wis needin a gweed feed. Sae he wint tae a crabbit auld granny an rappit on her door. Fan she opened the door the wolfie gobblit her up hale. A wee while later Wee Reed Ridin Hood wis danderin tae the crabbit auld granny's bothy. Fin she got there the wolf louped intae the crabbit auld granny's spare claes an answered in a carnaptious voice, "Come in ma wee dearie."

Fan Wee Reed Ridin Hood entered, she said "Fit muckle lugs ye hae!"
"Aa the better for hearin ye wi," said the granny.
"Fit muckle een ye hae!"
"Aa the better for keekin at ye," said the granny.
"Fit muckle gnashers ye hae!"
"Aa the better for gobblin ye up wi!"
And the wolfie gobbled up Wee Reed Ridin Hood.

Jist ootside a mannie wis hackin trees an heard a muckle stooshie. He ran intae the crabbit auld granny's hoosie. Fin he got inside, he saw the wolfie an cut him in half, an Wee Reed Ridin Hood wi the crabbit auld granny fell oot an they were baith dandy, sae they aa lived blythe iver efter.

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