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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Tae A Rottan     by: Ogg, John

Drookit rottan
In e hairbour
Hae e cam
Frae far awa?
Drookit rottan
In e watter
Sweemin wi
Nae hame ava.
Ere's a freenly
Open sewer
Far e rain's
Been dingin doon.
Drookit rottan
Here's a placie,
In aneth
E muckle toon
Come awa an
Big yer nestie,
Far e steens
Are hich an dry.
Bonnie rottan
Bonnie beastie,
Mak a hame
Far rottans lie
Welcome tae
E stinkin sewer
Aneth e manholes
In e street;
In e dairk
Ye'll mak yer livin,
Aneth e soun
O human feet
Bonnie rottan
Sleekit rottan
Fa wid shelter
Een like ye:
Mankind hate ye,
Aywis baits ye,
Wints tae kill ye,
Whan ye're free.
Cunnin rottan,
Wiselike rottan
Natur's sly beastie
I cin see:
Ayewiss watchin
Ayewiss searchin
Ye're God's craitur
Jist lik me

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