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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

    by: Ogg, John

Aneth ‘e orenze meen o’ hairst
fan ‘e lang day streetches intae nicht
aa ‘e bairnies in ‘e cots
an ‘e warld at peace in rest.
‘E ghaisties o’ ‘e deid
fa vrocht ‘e lan’
an gied hiz bleed,
glaar an bleed, yird an bleed, stour an bleed
(for bleed’s thicker nor wattter0
tak up an wanner aneth ‘e orenze meen
doon by ‘e saaty faem
an ‘e lan’ lirks nyakit in ‘e caul’ licht
deep are wir dreams o’ ‘e warld’s end
aneth ‘e bricht hairst meen.

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