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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home

Psalm 23     by: McEwen, Rev. James S.

The Lord is my Herd: I'll nae sterve.
He taks me doon to reist in the green haughs,
Whar the quate burnies row.
He gies me new spunk o life.
And for His ain guid name,
He leads me aye by the richt roadies.
Aye, gin I hae to warstle through the glen o' deidly mirk,
I'll nae be feart.
For Yersel will be there;
And Yer staff and crook will hain me frae a' skaith.
Aneth the verra nebs o my faes
Ye spread my meat for me.
Ile Ye pour on my pow;
And my coggie brims ower.
Guidness and leal-love shall gang wi' me lifelang.
And in the Lord's ain hoose shall be my bidin-place.

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