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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Strushie     by: Henderson, John, BA (Hons.) DPE

Fan the sin drapp'd 'hint his snoot,
Lomond Ben wi'oot a doot
Howp'd pirr-winnies thraw the nicht
Seen his broo wud dicht.
Bit he loodly mean'd as gif tae say,
"Losh it's been a lang-thrang day;
Climers stompin' up an' doon
Upoan ma eildit croon!"

Lomond Loch, his narby freen,
Hard Ben's gant an' fit'd been deen,
Gled at least thit he cud kirn,
An' cowp boaties in.
Syne he bicker'd rauchly tae the wids,
An' the hoolets in thur midst,
"Soond yer hoots faar rattins creep
An' bid them strush fowks' sleep."

Lomond Ben syne fu' o' glee,
Jilpit aff a shoo'r o' scree,
Whilk sent furats oot an' in
Gnappin' banes an' skin.
Ools' 'To-Wit-To-Woos' kept up the ficht,
As feart chiels fleed left an' richt,
Fyle freen Loch in sheer delicht
Bid aabody, "Guid Nicht!"

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