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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Wul Girse     by: Henderson , John BA Hons DPE

Yer sids wur sawn an' fun a biel
Faar airth wis mochie wairm;
Yer reets delt doon an' syne grupt weel
Tae kep yer sheets fae hairm.
Wi' sin an' reyn ye tirn'd tae green
Cam ilk day kibbler tee
Tae staun-up stark tae winds abeen
An' treids birs'd doon oan ye.

Fan leukin roon yer hoomble plank,
Tho' ithers at ye wag,
Ye maun aft weesh ye wurna rank
Jist like a bit o' hag.
Kennelt ye're nae tae twig the ee;
Nae waffs tae lure a raikin' bee;
Nae e'en a moch or butterflee
Wull tak a rist oan ye.

Fyle brichter floo-ers o' the sin
Ow'r sizzons droop an' dee,
Ye aye bide green as time dis rin,
Sich lang life God's gien ye.
The pairtricks wi' thur spraikt bird kin
Fesh ye thur coorin' wames,
Tae them an' meese ye're welcomin'
Fyle happin' livrocks' hames.

Ye feed'st the hungert kye by day,
Ye're thur saft bed at nicht;
The lammies in thur mornin' play
Dicht dyow tae clair yer sicht.
I howp, fyle ithers wauk oan by,
Tae airn ye seen as ma guid freen;
Fur fae the spyack ye've shawn aye
I've vailyit wul girse green.

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