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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Packman Jockie in 18th Century Northern Scotland     by: Henderson, John

Composed by John Henderson on the 8th of March, 2010.

"O aa o the packmen fa traivel aroon,
An veesit oor hoosies them days,
Ye maun gree wi me thit yon auld Jockie Toon
Seems tae hiv muckle camsteerie ways."
Tee wi pins fair bow-hoched, an a mou thit is sklint,
His gnashers aa yella'd an gray,
He's aye gey sair afflickit fyle daen his stint
Roon the kirktons an ferms ilka day."
"Bit fit anse is expeckit fae trumps sich as thase,"
Ye micht speer wi a jamph an a hoot;
Tae whilk I wid replee, "Sich leuks an gyte ways,
Micht hod smeddum an fairness tae boot!
Sae, gif auld Jockie Toon oan ye maks a caa,
An syne shaws ye the wares in his pack,
I asseer ye the sowl is nae swicker bit stracht,
Sae buy aisy ow'r drachts an guid crack."

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