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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Kwintry Dincers     by: Henderson, John

'Sweesh' up-ging the dincers' kilts,
Fan strang wins swirl aboot.
Jings! A puckle aafa sichts,
Nae shadda o' a doot.
Slippy staps an' pas-de-bas
Pits kilts i' muckle flaffs,
An' fit wis aafa seen cams waar,
Fyles shawin' queets tae chafts!
'Hoochs' are hard a' ow'r the green,
As pairtners grup an' tirn ilk ithers.
Wull quinies' goons, loons' kilts forbye,
Gie sichts jist kent tae mithers?
Nae ne'er maroonjus tae be shair,
Fan i' thon faistest spins,
The hurdies o' ilk loon an' quine,
Kythe ainly tairtan nepkins!

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