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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Prose

A Bul Binder     by: John Henderson

(A mythical poem about 18th Century Scotland by John Henderson)

Maist the McNabs wur reivin' chiels, stown-wyes, sleekit, nabb'd kye frae a'.
Teuk nae peety oan wham they strack, shair wur nivver respeckers o' the laa.
Fan ithers' coos wur gettin' stoot, they pilked them oot i' ains an' twas.
Fest teuk 'em hame tae gairded cleuchs, lang tae mait thur gutsy maws.

Bit ain thon days fan oan a jant, they nabb'd the laird's fite cankert bul.
Pit it a fyle frae heifers sicht; heeldin' it redd sire wi' a wul.
Bit heid-bummer o' The Heilan Watch, he'd hid eneugh an' bittie mair,
Seen telt his troop twal gheelies ging, fin thon McNabs tae dicht the flair.

Weil kenn'd the gheelies a' McNab lans, forbye nabbit kye thon wid be girsst,
Quait waak'd beas' ow'r tae bul's lean-tee, naar close's stank tae slock thur thrist.
Gheelies richtly thocht bul's kneggum sid, fesh oot moo-bannin frae Heifers seen,
An' 'sweil ain muckle het wi' naitur's ca, wid sik oot the bul lik a lang tint freen.

Loats o' the reivers cam breengin' oot, the meenit bul's pumphel wis apen'd hich.
An' fan bricht red kilts fest garr'd it gyte, it rampaug'd amang a'McNabs i' sicht.
Till ain braw redd heifer's wae mooin' ca, tirn'd thon wull breet's Birse tae baul delicht,
Syne it treetl'd aff far the gheelies wur treeshin' the kine doon roch Gate an' oot o' sicht!

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