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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Gie an Tak     by: Henderson , John BA Hons DPE

Ain morn a weel kent lendin' loon,
Wis fishin' oan the Dee,
An' tho' it flow’d i' michty spate,
It ne'er fash’d sich as he.

The watchers oan the banks sensed fate,
Wid nae be loathe, and suin,
Tae coup their 'scrooge' richt oot his boat,
An streeve tae cause him droon.

Scarce meenits pass’d 'fore toss’d he wis,
Fu' clad an feckless in,
As swirlin' currents rush’d tae send,
Him doonstream tae their whim.

"We'll catchit ye doon by the brig,"
Wis holler’d frae the banks.
"Gi'es us yir hauns as ye sail by,
An' we'll nae seek mair thenks"

Nae sign o' oonerstannin cam,
Fan 'scrooge' doon claise them speed’d.
Bit syne a couthy cynic thocht,
"A different offer's need’d!"

"He'll ne'er gi'e us his hauns," he mused,
An suin as he hid spakit,
Fan, "Tak oor hauns", wis shoot’d clair,
The loon fest oan them cliquet !

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