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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

A Claikin Tongue     by: Glennie, James D.

O fiendish stump at nivver ceases
Tae teer gweed fowk tae little peeces
Respeck an reputation hae short term leases
Wi you aboot!

Swuppert strong thou ken’st near a’thing
If nae, sine sene wi lee’s yir singin
O vilest muscle, , like Kirkbells ringin
Aa roon aboot!

Aye tink, ye ken aa the generations
A grunny’s grunny an their damnation
O bairns mis-begot an coorse relation
For miles aboot!

Nae truth ye hear or wint tae heed
For at wid halt yir pulsin bleed
Nae claik, THOU kenn’st, cam’s oot o gweed
Or there aboot!

Noo weel we’re telt by Ayrshire Bard
(An wi ken wi him ye wirket hard)
At aa YOUR fauts are nivver heard
Tho aa aboot!

Noo hear ma tale ye clappin claik
Awa an mak an honest maik
Look tae yir ain kist gin ye wint tae rake
Yir lee’s aboot!

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