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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

The Thorn     by: Glennie, James D.

Fin we wir young th’gether lass
An sma in wardly geer
We grasp’t the thorn neth scent’et rose
An scorn’t the passin yeer.

Bit noo the thorn is sharper lass
Short wecht is ilka yeer
The scent hiz faded fae the rose
An the lark soun’s nae sae clear.

O weel we’ve tirr’t life’s riggs ma lass
Tho aft the hairst wis bare
Her girnal gid’s a hansel aye
An files a thochtie mair.

The gait we’ve yet tae traivel lass
Is nae noo jist sae clear
Bit tho the Sin be lyin laich
We’ll steppit oot ah’ll sweer.

O lang the Don’s ran neth the Brig
An Ury bye the Bass
An langer still they’ll rin ah’ll trow
Gin I forget ma lass.

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