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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Meriorie Elphinstone (An Inverurie Tale)     by: Glennie, James D.

Walter Innes o Ardtannes
The mullar’t cheil wis he
Faa grun the yalla Geerie corn
Growe’n aa roun Bennachie .

Ae blicht wis his,a wife he lack’t
Tae keep his hoosie ticht
Sae he looket for a bonny lass
Tae mak Ardtannes bricht.

Twis a bonny lass at Innes wad
Her name wis Marjorie
An aye she spun as Walter grun
An the oor’s did sweetly flee.

Ae day the lass growe’t fivver’t
An sene wis like tae dee
Peer Walter wis aside himsel
An tae the toon did flee.

Back he cam wi Pheesics twa
Twis aa tae nae avail
Marjorie hid depairtet life
An aa its sair travail..

Noo Walter sadly laid her oot
In oak teen fae the dam
An happ’t her owre in purest silk
Goud rings on ilka han.

Wi sair ticht hert he quaetly spak
“Ah’ll tak her tae the Bass
An neth the bonny lang birk trees
Ah’ll beerie deep my lass”.

It robbers kennin o the goud
Set oot .... twis a dark an stormy nicht,
Tae slaik their greed,dug oot the lair
By a cruisie’s gutterin licht.

They open’t up the casket braa
Sine hertless did their wark
An rive’t goud rings aff ilka han
Twis sair an left its mark.

Noo, neen kent at Marjorie only slept
In a deep dark death-like dwam
She wauken’t up an cried “aliss”!!
An awa the robbers ran.

Ae striplin cheil faa bade ahin
Held oot a freenly han
An waak’t her ben the banks o Don
As licht cam owre the lan.

Peer Walter griev’t at hame his leen
Fan fite-like grow’t his face
As a weelkent fit cam owre the closs
Wi even steady pace.

There cam a chap, the sneck wis sprung
An he saa his bonny lass
Sine fearfu like he socht her in
An speir’t aboot the Bass.

Noo Walter wrocht for mony yeers
Wi Marjorie as his guide
Bit baith the twa sleep quaetly noo
Doonbye the waterside.

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