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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

The Aquorthes Steens     by: Glennie, James D.

Sae quaet steed the muckle steens
Dark giants ilka een
Faa cape’t an wrocht in ilka neuk
The magic o the Meen.

The ancient boulders set on high
The countra roon tae see
Tae view the Sin the Stars the Meen
Abeen aul Bennachie.

Weel mith ye speir fit wis there eese
An faa hid wrocht sae weel
Tae haul them owre roch heathen grun
Wi naither horse or wheel.

Thon twa gran perpindeeculars
R’cumbant in atween
Eneuch tae mak a body speir
Wis’t throne or altar steen.

Wis thonner far some hardy cheils
Wid croon a glorious chief
O wis’t a sacrifeecial place
Tae hain themsel’s fae grief ?

Or mith it been a hallow’t spot
Tae beery weel lo’et deid
Aneth the faul o freenly yird
Tae mairk the ein o need.

O lang lang ah ponder’t there
In a silent eery dwam
Wi aa thon steens in circle roon
Till cam the skreich o dawn.
Twis then in caul grey mornin licht
Ah saa a lang lang syne
An a line o Geerie darger cheils
Richt doon tae me an mine.

Likewise there cam a muckle truth
At naething lang endures
An life is bit a shadow fleet
At passes in the oor.

A thoosan yeer,aye, an thoosan’s mair
Thon stannin steens’ll stan
Till the quaet eident mull o time
Sal grind them doon tae san.

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