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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Autumn     by: Glennie , James D.

Caul blaa's the Wastern win
At fustles owre the lea
Straiket reed an bonny-like
The cloods hin Bennachie,
Gently draps the settin Sin
At glints throwe Autumn shoo'er
Firy reed, the wild rose hip
B'guiles the gloamin oor,
Broons an reedy yalla's
Tint leaves upon the tree
Birds are nae sae chirpy
An silent noo the bee,
Stibbles aa bin turn't owre
Beasts are in the byre
Simmer fat an bonny
Awa fae Winter's mire,
Aye, roun an roun the sizzons furl
Wi chainges aa the wye
Till cam's again the breer o Spring
Tae push caul Winter bye.

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