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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

The Bonny Mornin Licht     by: Glennie, James D.

Sae calm an still the mornin licht
Sae gentle noo the oor
A speck o time twixt nicht an day
The bud afore the floo’er.

The gouden Sin brak’s owre the hill
Saft dyow begins tae rise
A Blackie reestles in the thorn
Owrebye a teuchat cries.

The gentle air o mornin breathes
Sweet perfumes fae the nicht
For Nature sings its sweetest sang
In the bonny mornin licht.

Fleet Gadie Burn gyangs birblin doon
Tae shak Aul Ury’s han
Abeen, the saftest breth o win
Caresses Geerie lan.

The yowies yonner quaet stan
Their lambies gaither’t ben
Een o Nature’s seerest signs
At Spring’s cam roun again.

The mornin licht is God’s ain oor
The dawn his nyow beginnen
A min’ty here sene swept awa
Fan the tide o life starts rinnen.

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