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Elphinstone Kist   Maakers, Seasons, Family & Home

Sunty     by: Glennie, James

Loon in his beddie
Hearin ilka soun,
Speerin at his faither,
Een growen roun —
Far did he come fae?
Fut dis he dee?
Foo can his reindeer
Flee owre the sea?
Fa maks the toys, Dad?
Foo dis he ken
Fut Jeannie asket
Tho awa fae hame?
The lum’s lang an narra,
Fire’s affa het,
Wid he nae be better
Comin throwe the yett?
Sunty MAUN be magic
Tae win doon a lum.
Think ye Aa’ll be lucky, Dad
An get a muckle drum?

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