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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

The Cooper     by: Euart, Jonathan

Aye aye, fit like? Ma name is Willie John an I'm a cooper. I've bin daein this job fae the age o thirteen an I'm twinty six noo. Me job is tae makk barrels sae we can sell them tae haud fish. If I makk a lot o barrels in a day I'll get a gweed pye. If I dae really weel I'll sometimes get some o the extra wid, sae I'm makkin barrels jist tae keep ma wee faimly gaun.
That's only because I'm friens wi the boss. He's comin noo…an if he catches me I'll be bidin doon in the gutter beggin fur money. Sae I hiv tae gyang. See ye!

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