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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home, Fantasy

Gin I Wis Fit Am Nay     by: Maloney, Iain

Gin I wis a burd, I wid be a hawk;
Bidin' ootwith civilization,
Survivin' on base instin'ts an'
Preyin' on nature.
Bit gin I wis a flo'er, I wid be Heather;
Coverin' the world wi ma blanket
Drapet lovin'ly o'er mountains.
A canvas on which beauty grows.
An' gin I wis an animal I wid be a fox;
Survivin' on wits alane,
Slinkin' slyly through trees
Disappearin' intae the core.
An' see if I wis a musical instrument I wid be a triangle;
Exact, precise bit interpreted
In mony different wyes.
Noo gin I wis a city I wid be Dublin;
Sae muckle in 'e past bit
Ay'wis welcomin' the future.
An gin I wis a bit o' furniture I wid be a bookcase;
Fill o' favourite pieces an'
Regre'able purchases.

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