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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Seasons

Equinox (A Doric Version)     by: Jaffray, Heather

The Equi-fit? Yir askin, me?
The Equinox, oh aye, I see.
Is that nae jist the time o' year
Fin a' the win's are in a steer?
Oh! I dinna ken nocht aboot aat.

Firlin birlin leaves an' branches,
Noo's nae the time fir takin' chances.
Thae wins are blawn in a' direction;
There's gales an' gusts wi nae connection,
Bit I dinna ken nocht aboot aat.

It's nae jist natur oot o' kilter,
Man's kirned emotions fairly plyter.
Hurley-burley feelin's mashin';
I canna see fit's a' the fashin',
Fin I dinna ken nocht about aat.

Yon Equi-thingy seems tae steer
A gey minneer twa times a year-
Fan there's equal 'oors atween nicht an' day
A' o'er the warld apparently.
Bit I dinna ken nocht about aat.

Yer speerin' me fir a' the answers,
A'm sair-made nae tae mak mishanters.
A'm fair forfochen an' gettin' ill teen;
A've said it afore. It's like spikin' tae steen.
I dinna ken nocht about aat.

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