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Father and Son (1941)     by: Diack, Hunter

In the last war Robbie’s feyther wis a sniper,
An’ shot twa hunner Germans in a raw;
Jock Lumsden says his feyther was a piper,
Pipin’ though a ‘is drones waur shot awa’.

Chay Tamson’s feyther on a sma’ minesweeper
Blew seyven U-Boats into kingdom come;
An’ Doddie’s uncle, cripple Airchie Leiper,
Through shell-fire rescued echteen quarts o’ rum.

So fat did ‘ee dae in the last war, feyther?
Fat wis’t that made them gi’e ye the V.C.?
‘Ach, niver min’, ma loon, just tell them rayther,
I stoppit takin’ sugar in ma tea.’

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