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Elphinstone Kist   Bairn-Sang, Music

The Blitz     by: Hazlehead Primary

Tune: London's Burning

London's burnin x2
In the Blitz x2
Hitler's Nazis x2
Are bombin oor cities

Sireen's moanin x2
Far's the shelter? x2
Bombs are drappin x2
The black-oot is here

Rationin's comin x2
Hae some spam x2
Caal parridge x2
An a daud o dry toast

Get yer gas-mask x2
Guns are firin x2
Sheet the Nazis x2
Tae win the war

War is eyndin x2
Hitler's deid x2
Nae mair rationin x2
We'll hae a fine feed

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