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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Bonnie Scotland     by: Addison, Hazel

Scotland is the land for me,
The land o' birk an rodden tree,
Faar them fae ower the border flee,
Their fortunes sikkin,
Bit Scotland wisna meant tae be
For funcy speakin.

It's the land o' tartan kilt an sporran,
Faar in-aneth't there's naething worn,
An heilan coos wi muckle horns
Jist stare at ye,
An ceilidhs laist fae nicht tae morn
Oh: sic a spree.

It's the land o' mountain, loch an river,
Aince it's seen it's forgotten niver,
It's the land that sets my hairt aquiver
Wi scenic views
O' reed deer prancing throuw the heather
Wi' black faced ewes.

It's the land o' monster an skirlin pipe,
The land o' castle an dry-stane dyke,
Faar haggis flee an midgies bite
In broad day licht,
An golden eagles soar an swipe,
Oh: fit a sicht.

It's the land o' mist an eerie glen,
Faar ilka ane there neebours ken,
Fae mansion hoose tae butt-an-ben
For miles aroon,
So in Bonnie Scotland I'll remain,
Till they lay me doon.

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