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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Tae Rabbie Burns     by: Addison, Hazel

Oh Rabbie man fit wid ye say
If ye cwid lift yer heid the day,
An see the changes ‘at there’s been
Since ye wis a loon o’ saiventeen,
Stouwffin awa ahinn the ploo
Jist fit wid ye be sayin noo.

Nae fairmer ploos wi pair o’ horse,
It’s horse power noo o’ a different source,
The tractor’s fairly taen their place
An up an doon the parks they race,
Wi music blairin fae their cab,
Changed days since ye wis jist a lad.

The scythe an binder’s used nae mair,
A combine’s fit the fairmers share,
The aul mills jist a memory
Wi aa this modern machinery,
Nae coles o’ hye or rucks o’ strae.
Are seen on ony fairm the day.

Nae muck tae spread, nae neeps tae pu’
‘Aats aa daen bi machinery noo,
Nae moosie wid a tractor spare
Rinnin wi it’s breastie fu’ o’ fear,
Nae man wid hear the craiter squeel
As it’s crushed aneth yon muckle wheel.

An Rabbie ye’d ‘be sair demintit
Tae keep a lass the day contintit,
For yer scarcely safe the quines tae woo,
If ye steal a kiss they’re sure tae sue,
They’re hunns are aye inside yer jackit,
Yer siller’s spent as faist’s ye maak it.

They’ve raaws o’ ear-rings roon their lugs,
Their navel’s pierced they’re on the drugs,
They’ve gold studs throo their nose an tongue,
Aye things hiv changed since ye wir young,
They’d leave ye noo wi mony a scar
So yer better aff Rab faar ye are,
Aye taak my wird for sure as God
Ye’re better aff aneth the sod.

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