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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

    by: Addison, Hazel

Lyin’ on a cushion
Aside a bleezin fire,
Curl’t up an sleepin
His aa it she requires,
A baal o “oo” tae play wi,
A dishie foo o cream,
Bonny fur coat shinin,
Treatit like a queen.

Raxes oot her body,
Richt fae heid t’ tae,
Winna shift an inch
Nae maitter fit I say,
Purrs a freenly greetin
Fin strokit on my knee,
Faithfu unnerstannin
Atween the queen an me.

Gaes her face a wash,
Daes the job richt weel,
In aneth her tail in aa,
Nae jist a quick sweel,
Niver oot in rain,
Disna like the weet,
Loves a cosy duvet
Curl’t up at yer feet.

Chases aa the birdies,
Canna catch a moose,
Nae muckle eis for onything
Though she’s boss o the hoose,
Hisna ony wirries,
Sheltert fae aa strife,
Oh if I’d be born again,
I’d lead a cattie’s life.

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