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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Oor Yowes     by: Reid, Glenn

At hame we hae a hunner yowes. My ferm's caad High Ridge in the Glenton. Jist noo, the yowes are in the parks. Fifty o them are black faced yowes. I help at the lammin in the spring. I try tae pen them.

Sometimes I takk the lammies intae the hoose.

I caad ain 'Wee Jocky'. He slept in a box aside the fire wi tartan blankets. He made a peerie soon at nicht. 'Baa' he gaed....he waukened aabody. The cat got the row though, because the cat wis scrattin Wee Jocky.

I cam doon in ma jammies in ma bare feet in the caal, an threw the cat ootside. The cat's caad Tiger. It ran awa bit it cam back next mornin for its milk.

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