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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Guttin Fish     by: Findlay, Gemma

Aye, aye, fit like I day? It's affa caul I day bit I'm still workin guttin I herrin. Ach, I forgot tae tell ey ma name - it's Mary Ann. Ach, I like guttin, dinna get ma wrang, bit it's an affa lang day. I work 12 hoors a day an I get half an oor break tae hae ma denner. The first thing I dee is wait for the farlan ti fill then I get gang. I can gut a fish in 5 seconds. Abody can dee it much fester bit I'm jist 14. The heid ringer affen roars oot ar mi sayin, "Hurry up, Mary Ann!" I canna help it bit I cut mi fingers an affa lot although I dae hae cloots. I'll need tae be awa, cheerio!

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