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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Prose

The Sawer (Mark 4 verses 1-20)     by: Elphinstone, George

Again Jesus began tae teach aside Lake Galilee. The crood that geddered roon wis sae big that He gaed inta a boat an sat in it. The boat wis oot in the water an the crood steed on the shore at the water's edge.

He used parables tae teach them a lot o things, sayin tae them 'Harken! Aince there wis a man fa gaed oot tae saw corn. As he scattered the seed in the park, some o't fell on the trampit enrig an the birds cam an ait it. Some o't fell amon steens far there wis nae grun. The seed seen breird bekis the grun wisna deep. Syne fan the sin cam up it brunt the young plants bekis the reets hidna gaen deep aneuch. They seen dried up.

Some o the seed fell amon scrogs fa grew up an chokit the plants an they hid nae heid o corn. Bit there wis some seed fell on gweed grun an it spruited an grew an hid fine heids, some, thirty grain, ithers, saxty, an ithers a hunner.' Jesus feenished, 'Harken en if ye hae lugs!'

Fan Jesus wis alane some o them fa hid heard Him cam tae Him wi the twal disciples an speirt gaen He wid explain the parables.

'Ye hae been gaen the secret o the Kingdom o God,' Jesus explained, 'bit the ithers fa are on the ootside hear aa things bi means o parables, so that they micht look an look bit yet canna see. They micht harken an harken bit nae unerstan, bekis if they did they wid turn tae God an He wid forgie them.'

Jesus tells them aa aboot the parable o the sawer. Then Jesus speirs at then, 'Div ye nae unerstan iss parable? Foo en wull ye ever unerstan ony parable? The sawer saws God's message. Some folk are like the seed that faas on hard, bare grun. As seen as they hear the message, Satan comes an taks 't awa. Ither folk are like the seed that fell amon steens. As seen as they hear the message they tak it gledly. Bit it gaes in ae lug an oot the ither, an fan trouble or persecution comes they dinna hae't. Ithers are like the seed sawn amon scrogs an they are the anes fa hear the message. Bit the worries aboot iss life, an love o riches an aa ither kine o wushes crood in an choke the message an they dinna cairry fruit. Bit ither folk are like the seed sawn in gweed grun. They get the message, haud on til't an spread fit they hae been telt. Some spread a smaa amount, some a bit better, an some spread the message affa weel.'

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