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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Prose

The Mustard Seed (Mark Ch 4 verses 26-41)     by: Elphinstone, George

Jesus gaed on tae say, 'The kingdom o God is like iss a man scatters seed in his field. He sleeps at nicht, is up an aboot throu the day, an aa iss time the seeds are sprootin an growin, yet he disna ken fit wye it happens. The grun itsel gars the plants growe an cairry fruit: first the tenner stalk appears, then the start o a heid, then the hale heid full o corn. Fan the corn turns ripe, the man starts tae cut it bekis hairst time his come.'

'Fut wull we say the kingdom o God is like?' speirt Jesus, 'fit parable wid we use tae explain it? It's like iss, a man taks a mustard seed, the smaaest seed in the world an plants it in the grun. Efter a file it growes up an ens up the biggest o aa plants, it pits oot sae big branches that the birds mak their nest in the shade.'

Jesus preached his message tae the folk usin mony ither parables o the same kine, he telt them as muckle as they kwid unnerstan. He widna spik tae them athoot usin parables, bit fan he wis aleen wi the disciples he wid explain aathing tae them.

On the evenin o the same day Jesus said tae his disciples, 'Let's aa gae tae the ither side o the lake.'

So they left the crood. The disciples gaed intae the boat far Jesus wis sittin aforehan an they took him wi them. Ither boats were there as weel. Aa o a sudden a strong win blew up an the waves began tae spull in ower the boat so it wis like tae full o water.

Jesus wis in the back o the boat sleepin wi his heid on a pilla. The disciples wakened him up an said, 'Teacher divna ye care that we're aboot tae dee?'
Jesus steed up an commanded the win be quait! An he said tae the waves be still! The win deed doon an there wis a deid calm. Then Jesus said tae his disciples, 'Fit wye are ye feart? Hae ye still nae faith?'

Bit they were affa feart an said tae ane anither,'Fa is iss man, even the win an waves obey him?'

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